Mindset and Your Health!!

Mindset and Your Health!!

Lets face it, we all can come up with excuses for why we do or do not do certain things. Anything we do in life is first decided in our mind. It is no different for health and fitness. In order to get out of bed in the morning, we first have to make the decision to do it. We don’t always enjoy it but we do it! It is the same with eating healthy and working out. Whenever I want to accomplish something I set a goal for myself.

I do not believe in extreme changes because these have always been harder for me to do. But what I do is gradual. For example, if you have never worked out before or creating a fitness routine and sticking to it has been difficult for you, try this:

Start with committing to exercise 3 days per week for 1 month. Allow yourself to succeed at this for 30 days.

That is only 4 weeks, 12 workouts, you can do that!!

You set yourself up for success this way. Too often we create these goals for ourselves that are unrealistic and not attainable. If you go from never working out to saying I’m going to workout 6 days a week, the moment you miss a day or something gets in the way, you may start to doubt yourself or fall off track completely. Perhaps saying to yourself, I already missed 2 days this week I may as well start over next week. And the downward spiral goes on from there. I’ve been there too.

What I have learned is, do things that allow you to win!

Once you start winning, you start building the confidence in yourself to do more. You believe and you know it is possible because now you have done it!

So start with something simple. If it is working out, start with 3 days week, worst case, start with 1 day a week if that is all you can commit to, but whatever it is you choose to do, commit to it for 1 month!! And once that month is over, incrementally increase your goals :)